K.2.1 Quiz

Please set aside quality time to complete this quiz. It’ll form the basis of our first coaching call together. Note: there are some questions which you’ll need to do some prep time for in advance of doing the quiz….

  • snapshot of your typical macronutrient calculations (%) for a single day.

  • estimate of how many calories you consume on a typical day (kCal)

  • your morning resting heart rate (bpm), taken whilst still lying in bed

  • maximum number of each of the following: push ups, pull ups, squats

  • maximum duration you can hold a plank (sec)

  • fastest 400 metre and 1 mile times

  • current bodyweight (lbs) & body fat (%) measured first thing in the morning

Note: if any of these data are not available, don’t worry…. just move on to the next question. Once you’ve completed the K.2.1 Baseline Quiz, you’ll receive your responses by email.

About Your Coach
David G is the founder of Limitless Lab Ltd – a small UK company obsessed with making the impossible possible through realising human potential. As a certified Primal Health Coach and student of Dax Moy’s MindMap Mastery, he’s 100% passionate about health & fitness transformation, because for so long he accepted mediocrity (along with crap health) until a primal lifestyle literally changed things forever. These days, David G helps a select few professional clients from all areas of the world to transform their health, physique, fitness, performance, & well-being through a unique combination of primal living and neuroscience.

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