Achieve Elite Performance

It doesn’t matter where you’re from….. whether you’re privileged, experienced hardship or you’ve had a career packed with glory. It’s what you’re doing right now ….. TODAY…… to make TOMORROW better. And if you know anything about how things roll here at Limitless lab…. it’s NOT about the talent. The skills you’re born with will only take you so far.

Ever wondered how the world’s elite performers…… Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Diego Maradona, Ayrton Senna…… became the very best in the field?

In this special 3-part series, which includes video training and graded self-assessment, you’ll find out exactly what differentiates the ELITE 1% in their chosen field and understand exactly the gaps in your current performance along with recommendations for improvement. For those looking to dig deeper into the results of the graded self-assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to have a no-obligation coaching call with Limitless Lab founder, David  G.


Mind Control


Exceptional Standards

Why Elite Performance Coaching?

If a health and fitness transformation was simple, you wouldn’t be reading this. I could tell you now the very few things that you need to do be healthier and fitter in the space of just a few weeks (and lose a few excess lbs of unwanted fat) – in fact I will…… (1) Eliminate sugar and grains from your diet whilst reducing overall carbohydrate intake (2) Eliminate vegetable oils from your diet whilst replacing with good fats; (3) Walk often and do some form of resistance training 2-3 times per week; (4) Ensure you are well rested having no less than 7 hours good quality sleep per night.

If you just followed the above, then you’ll go far on your journey. But you and I both know that change is easy, but transformation is hard. That’s why you’re here. If you’re like most people, you’ve tried many different flavours of eating and exercise, but none of them have yielded permanent change. You may have lost a few pounds, you may have successfully completed a complete 90 program, but over time, you slowly migrated back to your old ways, and you likely ended up back where you started.

Have you ever wondered why? Ever wondered how people make the transformation permanent? Well that’s where Limitless Coaching can help.

Yes, we focus on tried and tested scientifically sound principles of health, nutrition and exercise based on the Primal Blueprint. We believe that this way of living is far superior to other lifestyles promoting health and fitness, encouraging you to eat copious amounts of the right food without excessive restriction. This combined with a more flexible approach to exercise proves to be a powerful combination for our professional clients.

But that alone isn’t enough. The way you think (or literally don’t think!), you feel, and your environment all play a pivotal role in the choices you make to deliver transformation. That’s where the latest understanding in neuroscience can dramatically assist in the way we coach our professional clients. Let me just say that whilst you’re operating in your reptilian brain the chances of a health and fitness transformation are zero.

What You Can Expect

Watch this short 5 minute video, where you’ll find out what you’ll learn, and more importantly, who you can become, IF you complete this FREE ‘Achieve Elite Performance’ video training. Listen, it’s not easy to become part of the top 1%, and it’s even harder to stay there. But I’ll give you a proven framework that’ll differentiate you from the crowd.

Meet Your Coach

David G knows first hand the emotional and physical pain caused by not living or performing at one’s best. In his younger days, he was renowned for his athletic ability and fitness, but these levels of excellence were gradually depleted with the onset of corporate life. By his mid-thirties, he was 40 lbs overweight, suffering from chronic inflammation and frequent debilitating headaches. A lean physique with beautiful health and fitness were a distant memory. Focus and clarity of thought were lost in the depths of horrendous brain fog.

After realising that certain foods affected his physical and mental well-being, it was through some online research and one  random visit to Mark Sisson’s daily blog that ultimately became a life changing moment. The ability to lose weight, reduce inflammation, eliminate brain fog, all whilst eating copious amounts of the right foods was a game changer. Whilst others scoffed at the notion that a high fat, medium protein and low carb diet could result in such a heath turnaround, David G revelled in this ‘new’ ancient philosophy of Primal living (note this was back in the 2010 period when Paleo and Keto wasn’t quite the rage it is right now).

Forty lbs lighter, and in the best shape of his life, David is now a certified Primal Health Coach and a graduate of the MindMap Mastery Program (which incorporates the discipline of neuroscience into coaching). He’s obsessed about helping a select few professional clients from all over the world transform their health and fitness all whilst living an overall awesome life, because, like so many others, he accepted  for too long a life of mediocrity.


Elite Performance

You don’t just have to take my word for it. Read below what others have to say below about how Limitless coaching has transformed the lives of others around the world. Isn’t it time that you got off the fence, did the work, and re-defined world class? You don’t just have to take my word for it. Read below what others have to say below about how Limitless coaching has transformed the lives of others around the world. Isn’t it time that you got off the fence, did the work, and re-defined world class?

“His evolution coaching was so incredibly simple… it was quite elegant in fact. I have to say that the changes he suggested to my exercise and eating habits were massive scary paradigm shifts for me. But what most impressed me was how he helped eliminate some of my crap habits. Looking back it appeared so effortless, even though it wasn’t.”


“I wasn’t looking to lose any weight. I wanted a step change in my health and fitness to help productivity in my professional life. Being the founder of a growing business can be bloody hard work. By making only minor modifications to my eating, exercise, and sleeping regimes, David G assisted in providing massive performance improvements.”


“This guy walks the talk He’s bloody good at what he does. We’ve been working together for the past 6 months. His knowledge on human performance and optimisation is quite remarkable. Even though we’re not in a coach – client relationship, I’ve learned so much from this guy. If you get the chance to have him as your coach, take it. The ROI will be huge.”