Online Journal

This quick-fire daily journal will take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. You’ll receive a daily reminder in your inbox to provide your journal input, and upon completion, you’ll receive your responses almost immediately (by email).

At the end of each week of the No-Excuse Keto Challenge, you’ll receive a 1-page report summarising your key metrics & overall progress, including….

  • sleep, food intake, exercise

  • physical & social environment

  • your feelings & behaviours

  • key metrics (weight, body fat, etc.)

  • challenges & opportunties

Together, we’ll use this report as part our personal coaching calls.

Note: Please don’t over think your answers! But where you’ve had challenges, please be honest and transparent…. that’s where the breakthroughs happen.

About Your Coach
David G is the founder of Limitless Lab Ltd – a small UK company obsessed with making the impossible possible through realising human potential. As a certified Primal Health Coach and student of Dax Moy’s MindMap Mastery, he’s 100% passionate about health & fitness transformation, because for so long he accepted mediocrity (along with crap health) until a primal lifestyle literally changed things forever. These days, David G helps a select few professional clients from all areas of the world to transform their health, physique, fitness, performance, & well-being through a unique combination of primal living and neuroscience.

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