Private Client Coaching

What exactly do you coach?

Limitless Lab offers the following private client coaching packages: EVOLUTION ELITE (enduring health, fitness, well-being) ELITE PERFORMANCE (become part of the top 1% in your chosen field) These packages are offered to a select few [...]

What can I expect if I am privately coached by you?

All of our private client coaching packages comprise the following: 10x weeks video training (new content released every week) engaged and interactive community 10x weekly group coaching 10x private client weekly coaching calls where we [...]

What’s the pricing model for your private coaching?

Our private client coaching pricing is as follows: EVOLUTION ELITE $1997 (10 week program) ELITE PERFORMANCE $1997 (10 week program) There are alternative pricing models if you are looking for a prolonged coaching period.

What is your refund policy for your private coaching?

Refunds are not possible for our private coaching clients. The rationale for this is simple. A significant element to the private client coaching programs is the time spent between you and your coach. This is [...]

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