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“His evolution coaching was so incredibly simple…it was quite elegant in fact. I have to say that the changes he suggested to my exercise and eating habits were massive scary paradigm shifts for me. But what most impressed me was how he helped eliminate some of my crap habits. Looking back it appeared so effortless, even though it wasn’t.”


“I wasn’t looking to lose any weight. I wanted a step change in my health and fitness to help productivity in my professional life. Being the founder of a growing business can be bloody hard work. By making only minor modifications to my eating, exercise, and sleeping regimes, David G assisted in providing massive performance improvements.”


“This guy walks the talk He’s bloody good at what he does. We’ve been working together for the past 6 months. His knowledge on human performance and optimisation is quite remarkable. Even though we’re not in a coach – client relationship, I’ve learned so much from this guy. If you get the chance to have him as your coach, take it. The ROI will be huge.”


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