Who We Are

We’re a UK-based enterprise that’s obsessed with ONE THING – the science of human potential….. OR to put it more candidly, ‘ how to become so good at what you do that there’s no-one else on this planet that can come close to doing what you’re doing’. If that resonates, and you’re looking to make that step change in your performance, then perhaps we can help… in a big way.

Very few become one of the top 1% at what they do. It takes incredible hard work, a monomaniacal obsessive focus, and a relentless never-give-up attitude coupled with high performance strategies shared by just a select few. That’s the difference between being merely good and being world class. Which one are you? Take the leap to becoming truly unstoppable, unbreakable, and unbeatable.



You can find out more about me in a detailed post called Tales of Missed Opportunity. The title nicely sums up my life until I realised what it takes to achieve sustained high performance whilst helping others avoid similar painful experiences along the way. Here’s something a little more succinct (in the third person)..

From a working class upbringing, David G had it all whilst at school…. excelling both academia & in sport. But when opportunity doors opened (e.g. a career in football), he inadvertently slammed them shut. It was a fear of rejection. So instead, David G embarked on a semi-successful academic stint, and then corporate gig up to executive level. But it didn’t quite float his boat.

Boredom set in. Relationships suffered. The weight piled on. He’d become a stereotypical miserably mediocre middle-aged guy. This ensued for years, until enough was enough, and he set out on a mission to obsessively discover what made him tick. This brand, and all it serves, is the humble answer.


Click on the play button below to watch a short 10 minute video to learn more about the guy behind the Limitless Lab brand, including what makes him tick, what he stands for, insights into his personal success habits, what pisses him off…. and what, and who, inspires him to become a better person in every domain of his life.


Human Performance

To become the very best in your domain requires you to be better today than you were yesterday, to be better tomorrow than you are today….. and to rinse and repeat daily….. for weeks, months and even years. Few can. It takes guts. It takes monomaniacal focus. You’ll be hit to the ground often. The elite performers get back up, They try again and again until they succeed…. and then move on to the next step. And then the next step.

It never ends. The best always strive to be even better. It’s unrelenting. Their grit, passion and desire never ever fade. They take risks. It means constantly pushing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to get better…. in anything.

The performance of the very best exhibit some extra-ordinary traits – grit, obsession, deliberate practice, passion, clarity of purpose, and unwavering discipline – and leave ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to chance – mind, body, environment, and network are all rigorously tested and optimised in pursuit of their impossible goal.


Limitless Lab Network

To become one of the top 1% in your field, you need the right mentor, the right strategies, the right tools AND a thriving community of like-minded individuals to make it happen. That’s why we introduced The Limitless Lab Network…. an all new world class performance coaching & community platform. It’s only for those that are willing to do the work & help others take their performance to the next level.

The Movement

This short video outlines The Limitless Lab MOVEMENT, and is inspired by the best TV advert that’s ever been screened, which itself was inspired by the same guy that still inspires us to this very day. The best don’t become the best by chance or luck. On the contrary….. it’s inevitable through the relentless execution of high performance strategies that very few are willing to attempt… never mind pursue daily, without complaint or exception. The best become the best by adhering to the science of human potential.


The Manifesto

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of WHO WE ARE,  a little MOTIVATION for the hard journey we are embarking, a shot in the arm when things aren’t going to plan. That’s why we created the Optimised Human Manifesto. Download it below, and print as a poster or save as your desktop background. Let it serve as a constant reminder.