Who We Are

We are a small UK-based enterprise that focuses on just one thing – the science of human potential. Or…. how to be world class. If you’re an individual or a small team looking to make a real difference in your health, fitness, performance, productivity and leadership then perhaps we can help….. I mean really help in a big way. If you’re looking for average, then let’s part as friends. Now. That’s the antithesis of everything we’re about. We believe in hard work, a single-minded razor sharp focus on one thing, a relentless desire to make a dent. That’s the difference from being merely good and being world class. Which one are you?

Q&A With the Founder

Watch this short 10 minute video to learn more about the Limitless brand – from concept to realisation. You’ll find out that it’s never too late to become world class, if you’re willing to make the decision to pursue it. Oh, and I’ll share a little more about who I am and why I am so obsessive about pursuing excellence.

Make Winning an Obsession

It’ll be hard. It’ll sometimes be brutal. It requires an obsessive and relentless mindset. Giving up is never an option. Never. It takes blood, guts and courage. At extreme levels. You have to be bold. You’ll get hurt along the way.

Others will get jealous of what you’ve achieved. They’ll try to pull you down. Constantly. It makes them feel better. Petty. Jealousy is a mysterious trait.

But you won’t listen to the naysayers. You’ll just smile and walk away. It’ll only strengthen your resolve and self-belief and desire to succeed. It’s an obsession.

You won’t quit. Not ever. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. It’s not within you. The hurt you feel is good. You know it’s driving you forward towards your ultimate goal.

There’s no self-doubt. No self-pity. No victim mentality. You know it’s worth every ounce of sweat, blood and tears you expire along the way. Not just today. But every day. That’s what it takes to WIN. Make it your obsession.

“It’s hard work. It’s relentless. We are all born as equals. But you can be anyone if you put in the time. You can be world class. It’s not the talent. That only takes you so far. It’s the obsession. That’s the differentiator”


Meet the Founder

founder | limitless lab ltd

[Okay, even though it’s me (David G) writing this, you’ll be reading this in the third person – well that’s what they all do, don’t they?…. so here goes]

David G, born and raised in Bolton, the heart of Lancashire in the UK, is the founder of Limitless Academy Ltd – a small UK-based brand providing world class products and services to help clients be world class.

After a childhood of academic and sporting promise, that was not ultimately realised, and 20+ years as a leader in the corporate world demonstrating the very same levels of potential…. unrealised, David G went on a mission to understand everything about what it takes to truly become world class.

He slowly came to the conclusion that winning is so much more than talent – that only gets you so far. It’s other fundamentals that make the ultimate difference between those that are good and those that excel….. those that really are world class. It’s the hard work, it’s the obsession, it’s the relentless pursuit…. it’s about never giving up – in those critical few areas that change the needle.

The result is Limitless – a brand providing unparalleled products and services to help clients become….. world class in  health, fitness, productivity, performance and leadership.

Also a certified Primal Health Coach, a graduate of the MindMap Mastery Program (which incorporates the discipline of neuroscience into coaching), football mad, and a proud dad (to Poppy and Harry), David G became obsessed about health, fitness, and living an overall awesome life, because, like so many others, he accepted a life of mediocrity.

These days, David combines his life in the corporate world with his Limitless brand – helping clients transform the physique, health, fitness, performance, productivity and leadership through his unique style of coaching and training.


With One Simple Decision

We make choices every day. In fact we make 35,000 of them. But there’s one choice or decision you can take right now that’s the bigger and more important than any other. The decision to be the best of who you can be – to become truly world class in your chosen field. Pause for one minute to think about that. There are those that live on past glories. And there are a select few that adapt, they learn and grow continuously, they practice continually and deliberately honing their skills, constantly seeking to improve with one goal in mind – to be world class. Which group are you in? You can click away and forget we ever had this discussion, or you could subscribe to a series of 3 videos and learn how you can dominate your game.