The Science of Human Potential

Past glories in your youth count for nothing in later life. Natural talent only takes you so far. Focusing on your strengths isn’t the answer. Realising human potential is so much more. It’s a science that can be broken down into a few critical characteristics, none of which you are naturally born with. It levels the playing field. Whilst most live a life of miserable mediocrity by wallowing in their lack of natural skills, there are a select few who choose to become unstoppable. Here at Limitless Lab we show you how you can take that path.

The Science

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“The greatest battles are those with yourself. You must always be your toughest opponent. Demand more of yourself than others demand of you. Be honest with yourself and you’ll be able to meet every challenge with confidence and the deep belief that you are prepared for anything. Whatever drives you, let it take you where you want to be. Everything you want can be yours. Choose to be Limitless.”

Achieve Elite Performance

The best in the world…. the top 1% in their chosen field…. do certain things the same. They possess certain habits, characteristics, that the rest haven’t learned. And it’s not about the talent. That can only take you so far. In this 3-part video training, including graded self-assessments, you’ll have the opportunity to have a no-obligation in-depth discussion with our founder to unlock your current self-imposed limitations in achieving elite performance.

3-Part Video Training & Graded Self-Assessment
“Achieve Elite Performance”



Becoming world class in your chosen field demands world class training. We put our heart and soul into everything we do – especially with our products and services. EVOLUTION is the only product you’ll ever need to gain optimum lifelong health & fitness. PERFORMANCE shows you how to become a world class performer by focussing on the essential few game changers that take you from good to excellent. In GENIUS you’ll find out how to become so good that no-one will ever ignore you. In OBSESSION you’ll realise what you’ve always known – to be the best you’ve got to go where no-one else dare, where nothing else matters…. just a single bloody minded relentless obsession.






The Best of Limitless Lab

If you struggling to know where to get started with ‘Limitless’, or if you’re simply in browsing mode (don’t worry, we’re good with that), here’s a ‘best of’ selection of articles to get things going. Everything we do is based on sound scientific knowledge, years of experience, with one or two personal opinions thrown in for good measure…. well wouldn’t life be a little dull otherwise (?)

Make Excellence Part of Everything You Do

Achievement of excellence doesn’t happen by chance. It can be created and maintained through 7 principles are always present to varying degrees in all high performers – no exception. This article dives into the details of each of the 7 principles, and how you can implement them in your daily life.

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A Game Changing Approach to Optimum Well-Being

The common ailments (excess fat, unfit, poor performance, brain fog, chronic inflammation, etc) prevalent in the western world can be attributable to poor lifestyle choices. Lousy nutrition, inadequate exercise, and poor sleep quality are the primary causes. In this article, you’ll find out why a flexible evolutionary approach to health and fitness could literally change your life.

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It’s not about the talent

Most believe that the world class business leaders, athletes, actors, etc. where born with natural talent….. that success was in their genes. Whilst talent certainly plays a part in earlier life, there’s little doubt that there are other, more critical characteristics that make the ‘best in world’ become world class.

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Start Creating and Doing the Work That You Love

It’s a one minute video from one of my idols – David Bowie. He explains that when he started leaving the edge of his comfort zone, when he stepped out into the deeper water, and when he started taking the risks that required him to grow and evolve…. that’s was when the magic kicked in.

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Be monomaniacally focused on your heroic mission

You’re told that it’s unhealthy to be obsessive about anything in life. When it comes to your dream of being world class in your chosen field, however, then it coudn’t be further from the truth. An obsessive, unwavering, relentless pursuit of your goal is what drives massive success.

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